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This website provides information about different variants of audio signal level indicators which were made by order of people who are like to create and modify of various sound reproducing equipment. All the presented variants of indicators can be made for you and some of them are often in stock.

If you wanted to diversify listening to your favorite music at home or in the car with bright light accompaniment then you will like it here!

If you have your own ideas for using level indicators, you need to embed the indicator in some design, or you have a bright idea how to create a light-musical accompaniment that makes listening to your favorite music even more enjoyable - feel free to send your ideas to the mail! Perhaps very soon your idea will come true and will be waiting for you at the post office.

To order indicators be sure to specify your full name and the postal index of the nearest post office.

Enjoy good music and positive emotions!
Stereo signal level indicators based on general purpose LEDs:
Universal stereo signal indicator (dBu, dBVU or power level) StereoLM-PA ver 1.0
Stereo signal level indicators based on LED tapes:
Embed lowcost stereo level indicator with AGC StereoLM-EC ver 1.0Embed stereo level indicator with AGC StereoLM-EX ver 1.0Portable stereo signal level meter with AGC Bluetooth StereoLM-RX ver 1.0
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