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Portable embed module of audio stereo-signal level indocator with automatic gain/scaling adjustment StereoLM-RX ver 1.0

Portable embed module of audio stereo-signal level indocator with automatic gain/scaling adjustment StereoLM-RX ver 1.0

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The module is designed to display the dynamics of changes in the amplitude of the audio frequency signal using a linear LED scale. The device allows you to evaluate the dynamism of musical audio recordings due to the built-in automatic signal level adjustment system (AGC). For this reason, the device is not designed to measure absolute voltage values.

The AGC system allows you to scale the signal evenly over the full length of the scale, regardless of the actual amplitude of the signal which allows you to use the indicator in circuits after volume/tone control devices without the need for manual adjustment of the indicator when used with various sound reproducing equipment. Even with the minimum value of the set volume, the indicator will scale a small signal amplitude to the full scale. When the indicator is disconnected from one signal source and connected to another source, automatic adjustment will occur and no additional user actions will be required.

To assess the difference in peak voltage values of both channels, an indication of maximum points is provided. With musical bursts, these points are "thrown up" by the main column of LEDs, and slowly "decrease" with sharp drops, which allows you to see short bursts.
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Key Features
  • On-board Bluetooth unit that allows easy connection with sound sources and high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Work with a large number of addressable WS2812B LEDs (64 max).
  • The ability to adjust each color, brightness, noise reduction level, reverse the direction of the indication of each channel, control the mono indication using a free application (for Windows OS only).
  • Autonomous long-term operation from the built-in Li-ion battery (>3000 mAh, 3.7V);
  • The battery charging schematic provides a fast (Ic = 1A) and standard (Ic < 0.5A) charging algorithms. Additionally, an algorithm is provided for restoring the residual capacity of batteries with a voltage of 2-3 V.
  • There are several battery saving modes that are applied automatically depending on the audio signals, including the possibility of forced transition to a special sleep mode that allows to store an unused module for several months.
Block Diagram
StereoLM-RX - Block Diagram
Type of module
Standalone wireless version
A printed circuit board with components. The enclosure is not provided. LED tapes can be provided for a additional fee and are not included in the base package.
Lots of LEDs supported64
A single tape with 64 LEDs. The minimum number of LEDs is 6. The number of LEDs can be reduced within the specified limits.
Supported LED typesWS2812B
The need to use capacitors in parallel to each LEDNo
With a large length of tape (large distances between LEDs) it is recommended to install capacitors according to the manufacturer's documentation of the LEDs used.
Indication of the inert maximum point thrown up by the main columnYes
The color of the maximum point is always equal to the color of the last (upper) LED in the tape.
Built-in wireless Bluetooth audio receiverYes
The range of stable communication is up to 10 meters on open space without obstacles. During the design tests of several variants of Bluetooth modules were carried out, the project includes a module with the best price/quality ratio.
Connectors for external wiresOne connection port for one common LED tape (USB 2.0 A female). One port for connecting a charging current source (USB B micro female). One audio output (Jack 3.5).
Size (Length x Width x Height), mm99.5 x 32.3 x 25.0
Including components on the board.
Multidirectional physical connection of LED tapes optionNo
It is possible to independently adjust the display of both levels on a single LED tape.
Supply voltagefrom 3.0 to 4.2 В
No external power is required.
Incorrect power supply polarity protectionNot required
Current consumption In storage mode less than 0.6 mA
In active mode according to the energy saving algorithms. In storage mode the LEDs are completely turned off.
Built-in battery18650 Li-ion 3.7V >3000 mAh
Support for Sleep mode (storage mode)Yes
Sending the Sleep command from a special (free) Windows-application. The shelf life can reach several months.
Additional power saving mode after 10 seconds of silenceYes
Color selection for each LED16
Independent color selection for stereo channel LED tapesYes
Mono mode (indication of the level of only the left or only the right channel on a single LED tape)Yes
The function is especially useful because it is possible to pair two modules simultaneously and get two tapes of 64 LEDs each, while additionally getting two wireless audio points for connecting audio reproducing systems in different corners of the room (without wires between them).
The possibility of displaying the indication of two channels on a single LED tapeYes
Disabling the indication of the inert maximum point optionYes
Adjusting the overall brightness of the LEDs option (from 0 to 100%)Yes
Reversing the indication of channels separately optionYes
Indication from top to bottom (left to right) or bottom to top (right to left).
Noise reduction level selectionfrom 0 to 30 mV
Self-configuration of module parametersNumber of LEDs, LED colors, Off/On maximum's dot indication, brightness of the LED tapes, selection of mono/stereo modes, reverse display direction, noise reduction level.
A free software application is used for Windows OS 7,8,10, which allows you to configure the parameters yourself (it is enough to configure the usual connection of the module to the computer – the same as with the level indication).
Software application: Stereo Level Meter 1.0 (StereoLM.exe)
Software application: Stereo Level Meter 1.0 (StereoLM.exe)
  • A friendly, intuitive interface with help tooltips provides ease of self-configuration of the device.
  • Working only on Windows OS: 7, 8, 10 (x32, x64).
  • Just select the necessary settings and click Start-button.
  • Store various configurations in your own list, upload them at any time.
  • Play the demonstration to see how the indicator will work before actually setting up the device.
Compare table for group: Stereo signal level indicators based on LED tapes [0.35 MB]
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